Hand Dipped Strawberry Wine Shortcake

What says "Summer" more than fresh strawberries? How about Strawberry Shortcake, with the berries soaked in our delicious Hand Dipped Strawberries Wine?? Yum!


3 Cups Fresh Strawberries, hulled and cut into quarters
1 1/2 Cups Mill Lane Hand Dipped Strawberries Wine
1 Store Bought Angel Food Cake or Shortcake Cups
1 Container Whipped Cream (Cool Whip)

Soak the strawberries in the wine for about 2 hours. Spoon over the top of cake, making sure to include some of the wine. Top with Cool Whip; Or, if you want to go lower calorie, spoon the berries in a bowl and top with fat-free whipped topping.